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About Ashes 2 Gems

Consider a 'Ashes 2 Gems' just for a minute. What better way could you immortalize a beloved partner, relative or pet than have us turn their ashes (or hair) into a fabulous diamond – after all, Diamonds are Forever.

Allegorically – the Phoenix is a sign of immortality, so like a phoenix rising from the ashes to live again, the memory of your loved-one will live on and be with you – treasured forever to hand down through your generations.

Our Memorial DiamondsOur 'Memorial Diamonds' are real, they are exactly like diamonds found in nature – coloured like the rarest most valuable diamonds, sometimes they have slight inclusions which are also found in nature but in this case the inclusions (if any) are in actual fact your loved one, relative or pet (part of the carbon not fully crystallized when the diamond is created).

PhoenixJust like the phoenix's multicoloured plumage, our 'Phoenix Gems' are fire itself, glowing ambers, flashes of yellow, gold and sometimes – reds. 'Phoenix Diamonds are created in exactly the same way Mother Nature makes them – massive pressure, fantastic heat over a long time – only 'time' here is measured in months not millions of years.

Phoenix Diamonds are unique, made from the last remains of your loved one or pet, they posses all attributes of mined diamonds but without the stigma of man's torturous labours, more, they are the very last physical existence of your loved-one to be with you forever.

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