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Ashes 2 Gems FAQs

Over the many years we have been making 'Memorial Diamonds', we have been asked dozens of questions – some you may not have even thought of. We invite you to read the FAQ's. Some regular questions include :-

Are the diamonds real?

Our diamonds are 100% genuine diamonds. They have ALL the exact same properties and characteristics of natural mined diamonds but are termed 'created diamonds' or laboratory grown diamonds. Our unique diamonds don't have bizarre names like 'Aura' and they are not imitations or anything like CZ (Cubic Zirconium), Moissanite (Silicon Carbide), coated diamonds, irradiated diamonds or any of the other vast number of synthetics available.

How much does it cost?

The short answer - from £5,475* for a half carat brilliant cut canary and about £19,950* for a carat FR Blue/White (light blue)

Why are they so expensive?

Our processing is extremely scientific, some of the 15 processes take weeks and equipment runs into £millions. Lab grown (non-memorial) 'Fancies' can be a lot more expensive than mined diamonds. On the world markets Blue diamonds range from $100,000 to $250,000 per carat. Fancy yellows from $10,000 - $50,000 (Cognac from $4000)

How do you make Memorial Diamonds?

All diamonds - natural and ours - are basically carbon. In our special process we grow a unique raw diamond made from extracted carbon within 'Cremains' (cremation) or hair (if burial is the choice) or the umbilical cord or 'Promessa' (Freeze-Drying)

What colours can be made?

In short : Light Canary Yellow and Free-Range Blue/White. The usual outcome when using human (or animal) carbon is a natural canary yellow (not the darker Cognac) We can make natural blue diamonds in a range of shades called 'free-range' blue and we have been very successful with blue/white diamonds which have a very slight blue hue and are real sparklers.

What is the 'cut', the weight and costs?

90% of all world diamonds are cut and polished with 58 facets called 'Brilliant' (round) for the best scintillation and sparkle. We always recommend this cut. The smallest diamond we make (0.25carat) is just as complex to process as the biggest we supply (2 crt), so we have a minimum order of either 1x 0.5crt Canary, or 2x 0.33crt or 3x 0.25crt. We charge using a 'base-rate' - £6500* per carat for natural canary yellow and £10,950*/crt. For Free-Range Blue/whites *prices Autumn 2014

Are the diamonds flawless?

The honest answer is "Not totally". We aim for VS1 or better. The grown raw diamond can have various shades and inclusions just as they are found in natural mined diamonds, but the experienced cutter avoids any such specs and flaws as much as possible whilst polishing to the size of the finished diamond requested to a weight tolerance of +/- 5 points [100 points in a carat].

How do I know you have used my donation?

You really do have to trust us. We realize your concern, but we feel compassionate and privileged to be able to provide you with an everlasting and valuable memento genuinely using the ashes or hair you have supplied. As members of the NAFD and SAIF we are bound by a code of practice, but even so, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure there can be no mix-ups.

Can you make the diamond from my pet?

Hair contains carbon. Horse Hair and Pet Fur is abundant, so provided you collect enough, a diamond can easily be made.

How do I order?

We promise to help all the way through the process. Call us, ask as many questions as you need to decide. You may have called us already and had some of your queries answered. You may have had the complete sales pack which we normally send out. You will know the pack contained all that was required to send the material back to us. Please do not worry about posting anything to us, nothing has ever been lost in 10 years.

How can I pay you?

We do not wish you to carry cash around and for us credit cards are fraught with problems. We prefer payment of both the deposit and final balance by simple domestic cheque or we will provide bank data for a bank transfer. Credit Card Cheques are acceptable.

How long does it take

After signing the order form, as a courtesy we offer 14 days 'cooling' off (which can be wavered to save 2 weeks). The normal turn-around for Canary diamonds is 13-15 weeks (or less). FR-Blue/White's take longer, depending on the weight/size ordered.

Can I cancel?

You can within the 14 days 'cooling off', but Please see our Trading Terms & Conditions.

Do you make them into rings?

We are not fashion jewellers. We simply make the diamonds. Jewellery is very subjective, and as such you will have your own personal desires and design ideas.

Can we come and see the process?

We are very sorry to refuse any request to view plant and production - for all kinds of reasons (security, logistics, time, location, health & safety, insurance etc).

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